Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Week That Was

I have been gone for a week, but it seems longer. As I have said, seven nights in four hotels in three locations. The beds uniformly were lousy and I actually have not had a real dinner in a week save for a great time with Mike and his wife Rebecca last Friday night. I have had one breakfast and a few lunches.

There were things I loved and things I didn’t love in the past week. I loved the sheer magnificence of my wife and daughter last weekend. I loved everything that had to do with work the past few days.

A few notes:

*Dr. Dean Edell mentioned something on his radio program last Friday in that Americans seek out Eastern medical treatments for the ailments, while those in Asia seek out America technology and medical research for their problems.

*There was a Microsoft new media event a few days ago at the Shine Auditorium in LA. At the hotel we stayed at around the corner, there was no high-speed Internet access in the room. In fact, my attempt to get connected ruined my email settings.

*The great singer, Joan Baez, was on my flight Tuesday from San Francisco to LA. She looked great!

*I saw an in-flight TV program about service dogs. It was amazing. My wife would have gone berserk over Willie, the service dog who is trained to help his owner with her seizures. Willie can dial 9-1-1.

*I saw Allen Covert (of Adam Sandler movie fame) on the Sony Pictures lot. Big deal, right.