Sunday, November 07, 2004

New Mantra--Must Chill!

So, I’ve never been to Cincinnati in my entire life, and now I am here for the second time in about two months. I hear everyone saying, “Lucky me.”

It’s been a very long day. My alarm was set for 4:30 am, but I was up virtually the entire evening As I get older, I get increasingly compulsive about missing my alarm, waking up late, travel problems, etc.. This is for a man who has traveled something like 600,000 miles for work in the past 10 years and I have seen it all and lived through it all, yet I still worry. As the movie line says, “Maybe you need a whole team of psychiatrists?”

The trip was uneventful save for a very minor celebrity siting in O’Hare—Bob Saget. No one else even recognized him as he breezed through the F terminal (AKA commuter terminal). He was wearing shades and had a nice tan. No, I told my wife, Mary-Kate and Ashley were not with him. I doubt they stay in touch with him; he likes to eat.

On the trip from the airport to Downtown Cincinnati (the airport is in Kentucky), we hit the Bengals game just as it ended. Yikes—the mass of humanity in orange and black crossing the street after the end of the game. (Bengals won).

Sunday appears to be a day here when restaurants and the like are closed. Just as well.

Ah, one more thing. The airport has become a great place to watch a football game. Thanks to CNN, there are TVs at every gate in every airport. You really get to see how little the average football fans knows about sports. Today, at Gate F-11, the fans were watching my beloved Eagles lose their first game of the season to Pittsburgh.

I need to figure out how to relax more while traveling. I could go on medication, as someone recommended; I could meditate; I could just plain try and relax or I could just stop traveling. The last option is not realistic, so back to the drawing board. I told my wife our roles would be better if she traveled for work (she’s love it) and I didn’t.

Chill. I just have to learn how to chill.