Thursday, November 25, 2004

Shopping Letdown

After combing through the various day-after Thanksgiving shopping sale inserts, I have come up with little to get me out of bed in the wee hours.

My target product was a DVD-Recorder/VCR combo. There are few, with the lowest price being a Go Video one for $199 at CompUSA. A lot of places have DVD-R discs on sale for next to nothing, but without the DVD recorder, what good are these discs?

The primary products are MP3 players, iPods (not really on sale), digital cameras, DVD movies, TVs, computer monitors, digital cameras, toys and other assorted things (which I neither want nor need). Despite the “Digital Joy” campaign from Microsoft and Intel, I saw only one portable media center on sale for $450. Lots of printers, scanners, paper, cartridges, USB drives, etc… I have all of those things including four printers and a scanner.

The Nikon SLR camera is not on sale. The Belkin iPod car transmitter is not on sale. Those cool one-shot coffee/beverage makers are not on sale. But then again, there’s an electric knife on sale @ Wal Mart for $4.77. Our previous one is missing. Now that’s excitement!