Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Who Will Be The Wartime Media Consiglieri?

Since I care as much about the media coverage of the election as the election itself (not really), I wonder which TV anchor will emerge as a Wartime consiglieri. Wartime consiglieri will be someone who not only reports the election results, but also puts everything into context. This “super” anchor will deftly call upon his expert analysts at the precise moment of need. He’ll be a ringmaster, liontamer, pundit and all-around star and will thrive, rather than melt, under pressure.

I don’t watch Fox, so I don’t even know who theey have as anchors (I’ll check ‘em out soon), and as much as I like Wolf Blitzer, he’s more like Tom Hagen, a good lawyer but not a Wartime consiglieri (the obligatory “Godfather” reference). The “majors” will wheel out their old cockers—Rather, Jennings and Brokaw. Ho hum. My early inclination is that Brian Williams, MSNBC anchor and heir apparent to Brokaw, will be our man to beat.