Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I Hate My Phone

I believe I now must go to the Mayo Clinic and have my phone surgically removed from my ear. I have been on the telephone for more than six hours, and, glad to say, I am done talking for the day. Even though I use a headset for my cordless phone, it gets mind numbing to be on the phone for so long. I just don’t know how people do it.

Aside from a lengthy series of internal work calls, the media has been calling me asking for my perspective on the Google announcement of its work with some top academic libraries. You generally want to start off these conversations by saying, “What makes you think I know?” but one of my first bosses at this company told me, that no matter how little you think you know, you know more than the person asking. He’s generally right. Plus, having once been a reporter, I am sensitive to the fact that many of these writers are on deadline and looking for a snappy sound byte to help them through their day.

You can click here to see what I told a reporter from TechWeb on this subject.