Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Breakfast is always a challenge for this traveler. Being a diabetic, I like to avoid large, big-carb meals early in the morning. That’s probably why I eat the same breakfast at home every day—egg whites cooked with some vegetables, a piece of sourdough (low-glycemic) toast and some endive. On the road, the options are more limited.

In NY, I love going to those small delis where they can make you some egg whites with cheese on a kaiser roll. It cost something like $2. Toss in one of those coffees that come in the blue Greek-patterned cups, and you are good to go. Here is SF, we have yet to find a similar option… till this morning. We didn’t want to eat at the hotel, not cause we’re cheap, but the big breakfast buffet is a waste because it’s a carb abondanza.

We left the hotel and stumbled upon a Quiznos on Market Street that had breakfast sandwiches and they were more than delighted to make us ones with egg whites. The result was wonderful—well toasted and just the right amount of food. We sat by the window and watched the world walk by. We counted the number of people with iPods and the folks at Apple would be pleased with the findings.

Watching the world walk by on Market Street

Sometimes, it pays to wander and look for breakfast where you least expect it; we’ll be back tomorrow.