Sunday, December 05, 2004

Will Fluff Come out of My Hair?

Volunteering is a funny thing. We just finished out third annual Mitzvah Day and feel quite pleased with our work. My wife and daughter did lots of tedious, mobile work in the set up and execution of the peanut butter and Fluff ® sandwich process. No one can outwork my daughter when she is focused; she is strong, extraordinarily capable and can do just about anything (she’s amazing with her hands). My wife is a steady, quiet and thorough worker who is an amazing expediter and goes about her tasks in an efficient and facile manner. I think it’s a trait she got from her father and (especially) her beloved grandfather.

On the other hand, I sat and handled registration, sign in and general help desk. I took care of the flow of about 120 volunteers and had them sign in, gave them quick instructions and answered a number of strange questions.

It was my observation, as I looked over the sea of folks making sandwiches, there were far too many chiefs trying to tell others how to do this and that. These fools just came off as pompous jerks to those with heads down and hands busy. A lot of people just take it upon themselves—in any group situation—to try and show off some marginal organizational skill. It’s as if running a carpool qualifies some mom or dad for head of logistics with the CIA,

Next year, we’re doing another “mitzvah,” leaving sandwich making to others.