Monday, January 10, 2005

Coffee Brewing Blues

While it hardly qualifies as an issue of global significance, we just can’t seem to find a good coffeemaker. We’ve been through a ton, ranging from a simple Mr. Coffee-like apparatus to a vacuum-brewing contraption from Germany. Either the brewers don’t make the coffee strong enough or don’t have an automatic timer or just go kaput from excessive use.

Our latest casualty is one that worked really well for a while—an automatic percolator that brewered strong (yes, the stronger the better) coffee. The timer was a little finicky, but it was a hearty solider until its heater gave out. The coffee would not get hot and stay hot. You had to set the timer for 40 minutes in advance of wake-up to get it piping hot, and then eventually its brewing mechanism went ker-plooey.

We now are using a travel coffeemaker, which is serviceable enough, but it does not make a lot of coffee and does not have a timer. Seems like we’re back to square one.