Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Self Service IT Help

I have not been blogging the last 24 hours because my *%^SGH@!! computer has been offline. After our machines were upgrade to XP, something happened that prevented me from attaching to my corporate network. A few calls later, I find that my Microsoft Wireless Router has some sort of Universal Plug and Play feature is being literally smacked down by the firewall on my work PC.

No, you cannot disable the firewall. No, you cannot futz with the firewall.

My options were to fix the problem myself or buy a new router. Thanks.

Well, thanks to some really nice person (a security nut) I found on the Web, I was able to download an applet that locates and disables all UP&P devices on your system. I am now good to go.

Guess I now am my own IT department.