Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Simply Red

Last year, we made our annual pilgrimage to see The Eagles. I am not a huge Eagles fan, but have now seen them three times in concert and they are entertaining (albeit dated given they haven’t had a hit in the last decade-plus). In addition, in 2004, my wife had the added bonus of seeing Don Henley’s solo act, which I had to miss because I was out of town for work. My hunch is that Henley, who clearly is the best (maybe only) talent in The Eagles, put on a great show. The highlight of the three Eagles concerts has been the band’s rendition (actually Henley’s rendition) of “The Boys of Summer.”

As for me, I am hoping to see Simply Red in 2005. I am a fan and my take is that Mick Hucknall and his band give a great live show. The sad fact is that they don’t tour too much. And when they tour, often it’s not in the U.S. The band’s last performance was in late 2004 in the Vatican for some worthy cause. One of the things I like about Simply Red (in additon to their music) is that they do a lot of fundraising for honorable charities. If they come to the U.S. in 2005, we are there.

I am also certain we’ll be seeing The Eagles as well. I’d love to see the “other” Eagles (the Philadelphia ones) in the Super Bowl in Jacksonville, but there are two issues: 1) They won’t get there without TO and 2) My wife bought tickets for a show the same day (and time) as the Big Game. And that’s cool.