Saturday, March 05, 2005

Open Day of Spring Training

Baseball season officially started for us today with our first Spring Training game. We saw the Giants and Cubs at Ho Ho Kam, and I would have told you there was no way the game would even start, let alone finish. The weather here in Arizona has been fairly wretched with rain, and it called for thunderstorms all day. So far, it’s been a few intermittent showers, but that’s about it.

Ho Ho Kam was cloudy and windy today, paying tribute to Wrigley Field. Barry Bonds was no where in sight, but I was more focused on Moises Alou. You can click here to see the video of Alou’s first at-bat as a Giant. It was cool to see him in the dugout toward the end of the game standing next to his dad. If you want to see that video clip, go to my media blog.

As a Giants fan, I was impressed with the play of Merkin Valdez, a promising young pitcher. Valdez came over from Atlanta in the trade that sent Russ Ortiz to the Braves a few years ago. Williams pitched OK, but he had some shaky defense behind him.

The season for us has started. We have a handful of Spring Training games, and then in the regular season we hope to visit a few major league parks and some minor league ones as well. For me, this is season #46, and each one gets better.