Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Democracy in Action

Grassroots supporters in Arizona sign up to work for Kerry

Tonight, I saw democracy in action and "kicked off" my campaign for U.S. Congress, District 7 in Arizona. I have written in my previous blog about running for Congress in six years, so I will not dwell on the topic here. Tonight, I went with my wife to a local library conference room to learn about a new grassroots strategy to get last-minute volunteers to work for John Kerry in Arizona. Seems that the official DNC people and paid Kerry organizers have been pulled from the state to work in closer races (Colorado, New Mexico…). Heck, there was a “West Wing” episode in which both parties left Orange County when the man running for Congress from the Democratic Party died. No one here died, but other state races need bodies, so the party is wisely reallocating resources.

There were about 30 people at tonight’s gathering, with an average age of 55. There were a lot of silly questions after the new organizer (who said he was a senior in college when he worked on the ‘92 Clinton campaign) gave his pitch but they people there were giving of their own time and seemed sincere. They are looking for all sorts of volunteers; I signed up to manage call centers, which is a natural given the work I do as well as the fact I once edited a telecoms magazine (A big joke around my house). My wife volunteers to be one of my deputies!

My wife wanted me to go so I’d see the people I am choosing to represent when I run for Congress. I jokingly said they would make “loyal subjects.”