Friday, October 15, 2004

In The Rain?

Why on earth do they play important baseball games in the rain like they did last night (Cards vs. Astros)? I was at the game mentioned below, and Tommy John was spectacular (it was the year after he had the surgery that now bears his name), as he took advantage of the terrible weather conditions in Philadelphia that night forcing Phillies sluggers (Schmidt and Luzinksi) to pound the ball into the ground. It rained the entire game and I sat there soaked to the bone. I paid $30 for my ticket and was not about to let my money go to waste.

So, of the three entities involved in the game--the team, the fans and TV, the fans get shortchanged. I hate that! Well, when TV's power begins to erode, things will be much different.

Baseball Digest: Tommy John: the game I'll never forget: former pitcher recalls his playoff matchup against Steve Carlton and the Phillies in 1977