Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Yard Signs and Buttons

It’s beginning to storm here in Arizona, so I took in our Kerry-Edwards yard sign.

I have to say, I think yard signs are dumb. I know I disagree with my wife, but I don’t think much more of campaign buttons. I don’t think I’ve ever worn one. OK, part of it stems from the fact I have worked for three newspapers, and wearing political buttons is a big no-no in such a job. I view the political process as a private one and not one that includes proselytizing to friends, neighbors and strangers. Sure, you’ll get the oddball in the supermarket who admires your button or the fool who glares at you because you support “the other guy,” but mainly they are one step above painting your face “to support the team” (as David Puddy said).

And, if wearing a button would be the instrument that changes someone’s mind to vote for Kerry—as in some undecided sees my button and has a major revelation—then I’d cover myself from head to toe in buttons.