Monday, November 08, 2004

Handy CIA Training

I forgot what it's like to be cold. It's a brisk 40 degrees here this morning in the Queen City. I have a few hours til my meeting, so I am going to catch up on some work before heading out. I hit the Starbucks and the bagel place for a quick post-workout breakfast. Mealtime will be odd today, but I will survive. I noticed that the recumbent bike with the TV built in at the Westin workout room still isn't working (the TV that is). I mentioned it last time I was here, but I guess they're too focused on those (wonderful) Heavenly Beds. Actually, after an Ambien, any bed is heavenly.

I have this ratty alarm clock purchased for five dollars at Wal Mart a few years ago. Because of its annoying chirping noise, my wife hates it. Seems that the battery compartment holder has broken (I suspect sabotage), and that causes some issues in the AAA battery falling out. Yep, the clock arrived sans battery yesterday. The pharmacy was closed and the gift shop wanted something like $20 for a three-pack of AAA-s, so I looked around the room to see what device might have a AAA battery to "borrow." Yep, the TV remote.

I did go to CVS and bought a battery, but my wife says my ability to quickly ferret out answers to complex issues is "CIA training." No, I do not have actual CIA training, but we did apply to work for the CIA in the mid '80s and were turned down due to age. In my application, I wrote that I would not kill anyone or work with illegal drugs. Maybe that had something to do with the decline. One of my former colleagues, Peggy O'Neill, now a big shot at Oracle, revealed to me she also had applied to the CIA. Perhaps that's why we got along so well.

Today's travel mantra: must chill.