Thursday, November 11, 2004

Headed Home (I Hope)

A long day ahead with some possible travel complications. Because of fog and low ceilings, the West Coast is a funky place to fly this time of year—I remember from my years of living in the Bay Area. CNN says there are hour delays in and out of SFO, and that is my connection today.

Had dinner last night with Mike at Shiro’s, and the master himself was there. It dawned on me that my wife and I first saw him 20 years ago when he helmed the original Nikko’s on Jackson by the International District. He closed that original place down and opened a Nikko’s here at the Westin. That place is closed and Shiro moved on to open a new place on 2nd Street in Belltown.

Well, this trip is nearly over. At some time tonight, I should be sleeping in my own bed. Keep your fingers crossed.