Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Net Is Slowing Down

Took forever for Blogger to load...

Spun the dial. Brokaw looks old and CBS is in studio while many others are outdoors giving them a more immediate feel.

Matthews has Howard Dean on and is quite glib with his interview. He refers to Jim Bunning as a HOF pitcher; to be exact Bunning was elected in 1996 to the HOF by the veteran’s committee. That’s a backdoor honor that takes into consideration his service as a US Senator.

Everybody seems way too happy on Fox with lots of giggling. Also, they are somewhere on Times Square so you can see the world walk by—nice touch. They also can dash over for a John’ s Pizza.

CNN has Wolf, Larry and the self-important Jeff Greenfield. Jeff is smart but way too arrogant. Larry has his hand on someone’s shoulder. Larry has spent way too much time around Tommy Lasorda. Candy Crowley is at Kerry HQ; I think she was the one interviewing Bush in 2000 when the networks announced FLA was going for Gore.