Friday, November 19, 2004

Top TV Shows on DVD

Entertainment Weekly put out a list of the best TV shows on DVD. OK, maybe I cannot argue with the fact they have “Sex and the City” at the top. But, EW is a Time Warner Co. and so is HBO. Also, they have “Sopranos” at No. 2, which is fine, but no way is season four the worst of the lot. Season three is the worst because of the sad, gratuitous violence. Season two, with Richie Aprile, is the best. Come on, it’s a bit of TV history when Tony says to his sister at the end of the episode, in which she murders Richie and is boarding a bus to Seattle, “All in all, I’d say it was a good visit.”

And where is SCTV on the list? I watched some of Season One on the plane home yesterday, and laughed out loud at “Great White North” and “Polynesian Town,” a movie spoof with Johnny LaRue (John Candy) and special musical guest Dr. John. Not mention “Hi Q’ and all sort of other fluid-out -the-nose laughs.

Also, the release of “Seinfeld” next week changes the dynamics, but let’s not overlook “Hill Street Blues” which also is available on DVD. I am hoping that “Kumars at No. 42” and “Airport,” both BBC shows, will eventually be available either as Region One DVDs or (better yet) as downloads.