Thursday, November 18, 2004

Travel Day Ends

I made it home with little wear and tear. A few hours with my iPod and an hour of watching SCTV on my PC and the time passes by. If people heard the ridiculous assortment of songs on my iPod, they would think I am either eclectic (not) or crazy. The tunes ranged from Eminen and Kumba Kings to the Classics IV.

The cabbie in Chicago this morning first asked me if I minded if he had Howard Stern on the radio. I told him it was OK by me as Stern got me through several years of a horrible California commute. Stern had William Shatner on the show and there were lots of sexually explicit anatomical references that were occasionally funny, occasionally stupid. But that’s Howard.

Then the cabbie asked me if he could smoke. I emphatically said no, and was willing to show him my assortment of asthma inhalers to confirm my objection. The cab reeked from smoke when I got in at my hotel.

On TedVision, I watched (sans sound) The George Lopez Show. I wonder how long it’s been on the air? Lopez was in the HBO movie, “Real Women Have Curves” and was a brief guest in the MNF booth this past week with John and Al. His appearance did not get the attention of TO's steamy video. Constance Marie, who played the singer’s mother in the movie “Selena,” is in this sitcom; I assume she plays George’s wife. It looked like that Spanish talk show host, “Christina” (Latin America’s answer to Oprah) was in this episode, but I might be wrong.

As I have said, I am guessing work travel is done for the year. I will end the year having been to Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, LA, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati and Connecticut. Hardly the exotic locales of years past.