Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Final Wave Goodbye

Just like that, my ’92 Honda is gone.

The proceeds of the auction for the car will be used toward diabetes research. If my dollars save one life or help one researcher learn something new about this disease that impacted my father’s life and mine, I’m a happy man.

My wife is teary eyed. Every work day from Dec. 1994 through April 1999, I would leave our house in Marin County about 5:30 am for my office in San Jose (60-plus miles). She would wake up, cook me a portable breakfast and see me off, and would stand in the driveway waving and pointing as if to say, “that’s the way to San Jose.’” She knew that car would safely get me to and from home.

She just stood in our driveway in Arizona giving one final wave goodbye.