Monday, December 06, 2004

Today, We Celebrate A Miracle

So it was 12 years ago today we first met our daughter. After flying for the better part of an entire day from Sky Harbor Airport, we landed at the foreign airport and were driven to the day care center where my daughter was being watched. After a few minutes, we walked into the room where she was in a crib and she was handed to my wife. Then she was handed to me, and I turned and walked to the window and looked up to heaven and told my mother this was the girl that would bear her name (as is our religious custom).

I never mention my daughter’s name, her place of origin or show her picture on my blog. There are way too many crazy people out there and I know far too much about Web searching. The same goes for my wife (I never mention her name or show her picture), although I do link to her blog. Someone who really makes an effort could find her.

So, today we celebrate. In 1992, my daughter could fit into a sink to be bathed; today, she’s a beautiful little woman on her way to a sweet and fulfilling life. The magic of the three of us coming together is nothing short of a miracle that cannot be put into words.