Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Angus Beef?

What is up with Angus Beef ®? Is it marketing scam, and are we foolish enough to buy it?

Today, I saw an ad for a local supermarket (are they still called that?) with a special on Angus ® Beef. Is that the name of the cow from whom the beef was captured? Is that the name of the farm on which the cow lived? Is that the name of the cattle rancher? Excuse me, but I thought (according to the FDA), beef came in prime, choice and select, not with fancy names like Angus. Next week, will they featured Mel Beef or Omar Beef?

I see one of the burger chains also touting Angus Beef. I guess, we as consumers, like the sound of the name and assume it’s higher quality. What do marketers take us for? Yep, we know the answer to that…