Thursday, January 27, 2005

Atlantic League All-Star Game

I got my email from the Atlantic City Surf announcing that they will be hosting the 2005 Independent League All Star Game on July 13th. Wow, that was minutes after reading, in SI, that 45-year-old Dennis (Oil Can) Boyd was making a comeback and would be playing for the Brockton Rox (in the same league). Boyd predicts he will make the All-Star game (although, when Can made the statement, he admitted he didn’t even know if his new league had such a game).

We’ll be there! We do need to get past the issue of not being allowed to bring food into The Sandcastle. The concessions sucked. I snuck a hoagie in my diabetic supply bag and my wife brought food in hidden in her clothing. This year, we’ll be cleverer.

Cannot wait to Videoblog from the game.