Thursday, January 13, 2005

Beware of Alumni Passing the Plate

There are those who claim that college years were the best part of their lives. That is not true for me, and I was reminded of that fact over the past few hours. Just back from the gathering of local alums of my college, I am void of feelings about my alma mater. The alumni folks were here to raise money for a new life center (athletic and exercise facility) and put on a nice little event, and showed off the campus to be the idyllic academic facility it tries to be. For me, there really are no memories worth keeping, and I plan on leaving it that way.

There were about 25 people in all, and I was not the oldest by a long shot. There was someone from the class of ’46, which makes him 80 years old. There were some younger, and a few from adjacent classes, but none from good ole’ Class of ’75.

My wife asked if we visited campus could she work out on one of those new elliptical trainers. The alumni reps smiled and told her they’d be honored. She must have plans I don’t know about