Friday, February 25, 2005

Almost Live from Cactus League

We had an absolute blast at Spring Training camp today. We made our way to Peoria to get the best bang for our buck—both the Mariners and Padres practice there. Even though the Giants are closer, the army of reporters around Barry makes it very un-fan friendly.

I was shocked at all the folks from Washington State at the M’s warm up site. My wife reminded me it’s ski week up in the PNW, meaning kids are off from school. Everyone was cordial and very respectful of the players. Click here to see my video clip from the M’s side of Spring Training camp.

We then drove over to the Padres side of the complex. There were far fewer fans which allowed us to get more up close and personal. We saw HOF member Dave Winfield giving some advice to the current crop of Padres. Click here to see Winfield give some tips to new Padre Dave Roberts.

Tomorrow, we’re off the Mesa to see the Cubs (it will be packed) and the Angels (much less crowded). I hope to get Bad Vlad on video.