Wednesday, March 30, 2005

All Good Things

Come to an end…

I will no longer be posting to this blog. Later today, I’ll be setting up my Yahoo! 360 site; anyone who wants to read about my personal adventures, as well as share pictures, music, video, etc… send me an email at and I’ll send you a personal invite

Friday, March 25, 2005

Creating Some Post-Game Buzz - MLB - Bees end Rockies-D-Backs game

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ultimate Electronics Closes Stores--No Big Surprise

The end was near for them when their service went to hell in a handbag. Their support for my high-end video/audio system, purchased last year, has been awful. Capital A. With so much competition, how can a company afford to offer such lousy service. I think the answer is obvious.

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Coming Soon:Yahoo! 360

I soon will be experimenting with and using Yahoo! 360’s new platform for blogging and sharing of content. Most of that will supplant what is being done on this blog. Yahoo! 360 allows me to set certain controls such as “who sees what” on the site.

Anyone who wants access to my new blog, please send me an email for access:

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

All Star Game

One of our Summer plans is to see the Atlantic League All-Star game in July hosted by the Atlantic City Surf. This would be our second year of seeing a game at The Sandcastle.

Here's a pic from last year's visit:

Something to be Proud Of

Yahoo! News - Vt. Boy's Sneakers Named Smelliest in U.S.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Things I Hate--The Hospital

At the end of the week, I have the enormous pleasure getting to spend the night in the hospital. Last time I was in the hospital, it nearly killed me (left me a gimp, though). Hopefully, I will escape unharmed.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Too Much Pink Pony?

Oakland Athletics : News : Oakland Athletics News

Thursday, March 17, 2005

New Blogging Strategy

I am moving toward a new (and perhaps cumbersome) blogging strategy. I aim to have three sites. My media blog (which draws about 10 times the daily traffic as this one), which will continue to focus on new media insights, Podcasts and V-blogging; this one, which will morph into a blog dealing primarily with baseball and a new one. I plan on experimenting with Yahoo!’s new blogging service which will allow me to have “subscription” gate to monitor entry to those who wish to enter the blog. By doing that, I can return to writing about more personal issues.

In addition, there are some indexing issues (not worth going into) with this site that prevent if from being accurately crawled by search engine spiders—hence, the low traffic numbers.

Stay tuned for more details.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Things I Love About NYC

I love waking up and seeing those neon signs that dot Times Square.
I love grabbing a (crummy) cup of coffee in one of those colored "Greek" coffee cups. It's not Starbucks, but it's a NYC cultural icon.
I love getting a cheap egg white sandwich at a deli. It's the best bargain in town--why pay more than $3 for breakfast?
I love listening to Howard Stern live on the radio. He must become a Podcaster--go here to see why.
I love knowing that any food I want is no more than a cab ride or subway ride away.
I do not love the cold weather. Even with 27 years of cold weather growing up, I still hate it.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Typical Pre-Season Puff Piece

I saw Fassero pitch yesterday. He's got nuttin'. Nuttin', I tell you.

San Francisco Giants : News : San Francisco Giants News

A Week to Sausage Races

We had fun in the sun yesterday at spring training. If you want to see videos of the game, go to my media blog to enjoy. We have a week off from baseball and will make our first official visit to Maryvale to the winter home of the Milwaukee Brewers. The highlight will be the 7th Inning sausage races which are a replica of the same race held at each home game at Miller Park.

I am off on my first business trip of 2005 next week to NYC. I understand you cannot shoot video in the subway, but I will try and grab a few other choice video segments while I am there. I’d love to go back some other time and just shoot video for the blog. Maybe this summer.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Dream Come True

We have a cat next door that insists on "doing its business" in our yard. We have tried all sorts of tricks including putting red pepper in our garden. So far, nothing has worked. Heck, I can drag out my trusty Winchester and go to town. Yee-haw!

Yahoo! News - Wisc. Hunter Wants Open Season for Cats

Monday, March 07, 2005

Now We Know Why Larry Was Cut

He's a fool!

Cardinals RB is arrested at airport, cut by team#

Game Boy

The Seattle Times: Sports: Notebook: Ichiro gets to share the wealth

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Gary Sinise

My wife and I are huge Gary Sinise fans, and one of my hopes is to see Sinise perform on stage in Chicago at the Steppenwolf Theater. Sinise, currently starring in CSI: NY, was involved in the founding of Steppenwolf. I am not sure on the details, but John Malkovich and Terry Kinney were also in on the founding of this troupe.

Sinise just commands your attention. Like other great actors, he achieves this with some sort of inner power—like Nicholson, Pacino, Brando, etc… Unlike actors such as Kevin Kline, who insists on flailing about and chewing on the scenery, Sinise uses his speech, eyes and demeanor to bring his character to reality. In our house, we believe Sinise was ripped off when he lost the 1994 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for Forrest Gump to Martin Landau (for Ed Wood). Are you kidding me?

Two interesting facts about Sinise: He once directed an episode of “thirtysomething.” That makes sense because his buddy Terry Kenney had a recurring role. Also, he plays bass in the Lt. Dan Band (so named for his Forrest Gump character).

Sinise has made me a fan of CSI:NY. We also started watching (or recording) CSI: Miami. I have long been a fan of David Caruso since he played a punk gang leader in Hill Street Blues.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Open Day of Spring Training

Baseball season officially started for us today with our first Spring Training game. We saw the Giants and Cubs at Ho Ho Kam, and I would have told you there was no way the game would even start, let alone finish. The weather here in Arizona has been fairly wretched with rain, and it called for thunderstorms all day. So far, it’s been a few intermittent showers, but that’s about it.

Ho Ho Kam was cloudy and windy today, paying tribute to Wrigley Field. Barry Bonds was no where in sight, but I was more focused on Moises Alou. You can click here to see the video of Alou’s first at-bat as a Giant. It was cool to see him in the dugout toward the end of the game standing next to his dad. If you want to see that video clip, go to my media blog.

As a Giants fan, I was impressed with the play of Merkin Valdez, a promising young pitcher. Valdez came over from Atlanta in the trade that sent Russ Ortiz to the Braves a few years ago. Williams pitched OK, but he had some shaky defense behind him.

The season for us has started. We have a handful of Spring Training games, and then in the regular season we hope to visit a few major league parks and some minor league ones as well. For me, this is season #46, and each one gets better.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Life Imitates Art: Junior Soprano Lives

Wonder if she too gets to leave for the funerals of friends and family.

Yahoo! News - Martha Stewart Starts Home Confinement

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

ESPN Airs First Spring Training Game

I caught the first few minute of the Mets-National game on ESPN, live from somewhere in Florida. The announcers said that new Mets manager Willie Randolph has instituted a team policy that forbids facial hair. This comment was made while zooming in on Randolph and his moustache.

Despite this error on the ESPN team, I think Randolph will have the Mets in contention. I was hoping Randolph would be selected to manage the Giants or D-backs, but no luck. Cheer up Mets fans, things are going to be much better this year.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

10 Yards and Out

I just glanced at this new diabetes Weblog and have to wonder—all this emphasis on walking as exercise for diabetics…who thought of that? Certainly, not a diabetic. I, for one, can walk no more than 10 yards without having discomfort in my feet. The same is true for a significant number of diabetics. Perhaps some new thinking is in order here.

Does This Mean They'll Clean the Bathrooms?

Yahoo! News - Deal Reached to Expand Wrigley Field

In Case You Want to Shizzle Your Searches

This site translates your searches into Snoop-talk. No map of the LBC.