Friday, October 15, 2004

Big Week

This is an historic week in my life. Some 22 years ago, this past week, is when I first met my wife. We met on a blind date at a place in Queen Anne Hill in Seattle that no longer exists. Less than a year later, we were married.

Next week is our birthday week. Our birthdays are two days apart, making us both the ultimate Libras. I contend it’s why we get along so well, given we are both bad at making decisions, forcing us to float through life, side by side, on our own private magic carpet.

Early on, we generally did something special on our birthdays—such as a trip to Vancouver, BC for the weekend—but in recent years, it’s been lower key. Generally, we go to an Arizona Fall League Game with some sort of dinner.

Regarding gifts….my best gift was in 1992: a little over a month after my birthday we went to pick up our baby girl from Latin America. Nothing will ever top that.