Thursday, October 21, 2004


So, today is my birthday. I am 51, which is a minor milestone of some sort. Also, I am thinking about the fact that it was six years ago that I first learned I was/am diabetic. On one memorable birthday in 1980, the Phillies won the World Series. Over the years, I remember cakes, phone calls, gifts and parties. This year, I will be light on calls and gifts (the greatest one is being with my family) and will not indulge in a high-carb birthday cake.

I have had a number of memorable recent birthdays, and my favorite activity on my birthday is to go to a Fall League baseball game. The weather looks OK right now, but it calls for rain later, so that plan might be tenuous. Other than that, it will be a day to see my girls, feel good about my life and look forward to many more celebrations (I hope).

Here is one of my horoscopes for the coming year: You've been known to fall in love with an idea or a fantasy, and that could happen again this year much to your delight. Interview several before you choose, and pick one that will last for years. Accept only the best quality