Thursday, October 28, 2004

MLB Season Over

The Major League Baseball season is over. Honestly, I didn’t care who won the World Series, and am happy for Boston fans as long as they don’t kill each other. If they do, I hope they have to wait another 86 years for a championship.

For me, I had a great season. Although I have a Fall League game or two left, my pro season was awesome. The highlight, for sure, was the Phillies game in July at Citizens Bank Park. It still seems like a dream. Although I enjoyed TS’ company, the Oakland game at the end of August was the least enjoyable as the stadium’s handicapped seating really sucks.

So, what will next season hold? I’d love to go back to Citizens Bank Park and maybe to Yankee Stadium for the first time. Maybe we’ll be in our RV and tour all of the Texas League (AA Minors) teams (and eat some great brisket) Also, I’d put Safeco Park on the list. I was at the Kingdome a few hundred times, but have not visited the new park.

And, of course, lots of spring training games here in Arizona. Hats off to the BoSox—Boston fans, please don’t hurt one another!