Sunday, October 17, 2004

My New Ipod

OK, I have come around. Recently, I came into possession of an Ipod from HP (the Windows kind) and am now a believer. My two-year-old iRiver is now a paperweight.

At first, I struggled getting the darned thing to work, but I realized I misread one of the error messages (a bifocal issue). All I needed was a simple update to my Windows 2000 and the install disk then worked fine.

I like the ease of use and the ability to automatically update files. I love the sound and the menu. I am not wild about the flywheel on the menu, but I’ll get used to it. Also, not having used it for long periods of time, I am not clear on power life. There is no battery backup that I can find. In a few weeks, when I am off to Seattle I’ll see if it lasts an entire three-hour flight.

Props to Apple. Also, props to HP’s customer support help line.