Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Arizona Polls Close

Chris Matthews just loves sparring with Pat Buchanon, but it’s clearly a mismatch.

Just check out the Wonkette’s site—very clever.

Paula Zahn, who is extraordinarily light in my book, is with the Crossfire team. That means channel-changing time!

Keith Olbermann, the biggest underachiever on TV, is looking very understated tonight. He surely misses his tag-team partner, Dan Patrick. Wonder if ESPN is covering the election? I think we need a Stuart Scott “boo-ya” to lighten things up…

My wife called to say there’s no more line at her voting center. That’s not a great sign in my book, but not sure why.

Ohio is a see-saw; MSNBC says Bush is ahead while my interactive Ohio map has Kerry in the lead.

Willie Brown is actually rather sedate. He was not a good mayor for SF, but deep down he’s a good man—a former civil rights activist who worked hard for that cause.

Bush with Texas; Kerry win NY; Kansas for Bush, Nebraska for Bush; Rhode Island for Kerry; South Dakota for Bush; North Dakota for Bush; Wyoming for Bush