Tuesday, November 02, 2004

CNN Ahead on TV

For some reason, Brian Williams is in the “tracking center” instead of in the anchor chair. MSNBC still has not identified the guy with Matthews. He has a very large noggin.

Fox has way too many graphics on the screen and is not identifying the on-air speakers.

Delaware goes for Kerry. CNN has Kerry’s daughter on air (my daughter recognized her, I didn’t). Wolf is holding his own; he needs to get rid of Larry (Larry has a cold or is losing his voice). So far, I like CNN best—set, anchors (although Larry is killing me), on-screen graphics, etc… I think they too are in Times Square.

Bush ahead 81-77 in the Electoral College. No PA, no Ohio, no FLA.

Arlen Specter, the Philadelphia DA when I was a kid, is in a close race in the PA Senate race. Bush wins SC. So much for a Southern VP candidate along with Kerry.

Britt Hume is wearing reading glasses and looks like he’s ready to start knitting.