Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Circle Tour Is Ending

So far, so good. Despite the weather in San Francisco, my flight from Seattle was on time. Well, 11 minutes late, but who’s quibbling? My onward flight to Phoenix appears to be on time.

Looks like they nuked the food court here at SFO and we’re left with some sort of mini food circus in the area that used to be a lounge area. Not very inviting, but I’d better find something to eat before my flight. The seafood place that was located in the mezzanine is also gone. They had a decent crab cocktail that sounds pretty good about now.

The circle tour is coming to an end. Phoenix-Chicago-Cincinnati-Chicago-Seattle-San Francisco-Phoenix in five days is a lot. I do not recommend it. My mantra is holding up—Must chill, must chill.