Sunday, November 21, 2004

Name That Team

Around the 6th inning of yesterday’s game, I noticed a woman standing behind our section wearing a GBL T-shirt. For the uninitiated, the GBL is the new Golden Baseball League that was started by Pat Sajak (needed to do something with all that WOF money) and some techno-geeks (also with too much money on their hands). The new league, to launch next year, is an Independent League of former players and wanna-bes. It’s like the league my wife and I saw in Atlantic City this past July. Check my old blog to read more about it.

I digress. Anyway, I approached the woman and asked her if the “name the team” contest was over. I entered it with a name for the Mesa team that I swore to my family would win. The GBL woman said the contest was extended and asked me what name I submitted. When I told her, she looked astonished and said that was the owner’s favorite entry and likely to win.

If I win, I get $500, two season tickets to the Mesa team and the chance to throw out the first pitch on opening day. I am warming up in the bullpen as we speak.