Friday, November 12, 2004

Where Was I When This Happened?

Remarkably, there were no flight delays and I made it home on time. Difficult to believe. I have one more trip coming up, and that might be it for the year. Maybe.

I had my third celeb sighting in a week. After Bob Saget on Sunday and Marilyn Manson on Monday, I saw ESPN’s Stuart Scott at Sky Harbor (Terminal 2) yesterday. He is younger and more athletic looking than I expected. I wanted to go over and yell, “Boo-ya” at him, but he had that “Please don’t approach me” look about him.

Why was the older man at Gate 74 at SFO sitting with an unlit cigar in his mouth?

And from the “where was I when this happened” department, when did “Stuttering” John Melendez (nee of The Howard Stern Show) join The Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno?” Also, when did Reba McEntire get her own sitcom? Her sitcom has a very strange story line about an ex-husband who takes up with some PWT woman and (I think) a high-school age daughter who’s with child and living at home with her boyfriend. Is this Trailer Trash TV? Maybe I am totally wrong about this… I watched bits and pieces on the plane.