Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Grammies In Your Jammies

A lot of weird stuff floating around me that bears notice:

--The SF Giants have cut Robb Nen loose. That’s going to cost someone some money. Robb got paid millions last season to be a cheerleader and maybe the guy who answered the clubhouse door when Domino’s ® called. After getting Benetiz and with the rapid emergence of David Aardsma, Nen is collateral damage. The G-men also got rid of Dustin Hermanson, last season’s big-hearted closer by default. He was out there with the wing and a prayer fife and drum corp. My hunch us he’ll be a Cub, just like every other former Giants player.

--Until yesterday, I’d never heard of Kayne West, but took notice when he was nominated for 10 Grammies (maybe, as Steve Martin once sang, he was nominated for Grammies while sitting in his jammies). Thanks to Rhapsody (see link below), I have sampled a few of his songs. He’s clever and interesting, which certainly separates him from the other hip-hoppapotimuses (“Big Daddy” reference).

--There’s a new pizza joint in town to compete with Patsy Grimaldi’s. La Grande Orange (see previous blog) is an upscale grocery place in Phoenix that used to sell pizza in its deli section. Now, they have taken over a place next door and are peddling those amazing pies. We’re there.

--Vacation plans are in place—we’re off to SF for a few days while our daughter is in camp. The City That Stole My Heart is filled with good memories and bad ones. We’re out to exorcise the bad memories just as I did with a trip back East earlier this year. When we return home, we’ll get back to pimping our crib (so to speak).