Monday, January 17, 2005

MLK Day Thoughts

Today commemorates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King. My wife asked how I will honor the day, am I am not sure. I remember where I was when the word spilled out over the CBS Evening News (with Walter Cronkite) that Dr. King had been murdered. I was in high school in Philadelphia and also remember the troubled times in our nation that followed his death and the murder of Robert Kennedy. I guess today, I will wonder how things have changed since April 4, 1968. I’d have to say, overall, not very much.

I am thrilled The Eagles won yesterday. I am hopeful they will beat The Falcons next Sunday; the trick will be to contain Michael Vick and force him to pass. If Vick is allowed to roam the field, it will be a long day. My prediction:Eagles 30, Falcons 21.

I will have a blogging hiatus this week. Analysts from my company are gathering this week, and our company is taking the time to upgrade our PCs to Windows XP. As my other PC is a desktop model, I will be computer-less for a few days and unable to blog. I’ll take lots of notes and catch up over next weekend.

We didn’t watch the golden Globes last night. I am still down on the entire celebrity thing after seeing these smug stars ask for money Saturday night on Tsunami Aid. As if they really care.

Lastly, I hate to rub it in, but it feels like spring here in Arizona. Other parts of the country get a nice day here and there in January, but, by and large, we truly have the weather to beat. It’s sunny, low 70s and the birds are chirping. Yeah, yeah, I know it will be 110 in six months; that’s just fine by me.