Friday, January 28, 2005

Scottsdale Road

Scottsdale Road is a famous North-South thoroughfare in these parts. It goes clear down to Tempe (although bearing the name Rural Road) and way North about six or seven miles past our home where it ends in Carefree/Cave Creek and bears the name Tom Darlington Road.

For several years in the early ‘90s, I commuted along Scottsdale Road and grew to hate it. Traffic in the morning could be bad, especially in the days before freeways were up and running. Oh, did I mention I was driving a car that didn’t have air conditioning?

Today through Sunday, my wife and I will be intimate with Scottsdale Road. Our daughter is involved in a special event at our synagogue which will require somewhere between five and seven roundtrips that will take us along Scottsdale Road. Add in traffic from the FBR (nee Phoenix) Open, a big car auction, several art expos and a “Horse circus” (more about that later) and you really need that iPod adapter to work in your car. I fear a lot of Eagles tunes are in my near future.