Wednesday, February 02, 2005

He'd Be Proud

I get energized when I get to talk about the work Mike and I are doing. Today, I was lucky enough to present in front of a gathering hosted by iCrossing and Overture. The event was for the company’s dispersed personnel as well as their top clients. I did 40 minutes of Media Titans song & dance and I think it went over well. For me, it was a 25 minute ride to the event, so it was low-impact event which turned out to be some time well spent.

Because the event is being tuned to coincide with the FBR (nee phoenix) Open, iCrossing and Overture are hosting a corporate tent at the Open. I was invited to come along tomorrow and interact with those eager people who didn’t have time to pose Q&A today.

Guess I did something that would have made my dad proud.