Friday, January 28, 2005

How the Other Half Lives

The diabetic’s life is an odd one entirely based on numbers. The most telling number is your BG (Blood Glucose) reading when you wake up. As a Type II, mine varies generally in the 140-170 range. Considering normal is below 100, you can draw your own conclusions. At 150 + you feel logy but certainly not what you feel at 220.

So, today was one of those rare, random days when I woke up and my reading was 118, which for me is joyous. Immediately, you wonder, how did that happen? What did I eat (or didn’t eat) last night? What did I do differently to be so (relatively) low? The answer, generally, is nothing. It’s all about being diabetic. It’s the family gift/curse that is now in its third (and last) generation.

At 118, you feel happy and your mind is (relatively) clear. You can speak coherently on the phone and the world seems good. The other day, in mid afternoon, my reading was 250 and I remember about three words of a conversation I had with a new technology company.

I cannot imagine what I wouldn’t do (bad grammar) to get low readings all the time, or in essence, get rid of this nasty disease. It’s why, when I run for U.S. Congress, I will make stem cell research a priority. The cure for what I (and millions of others) suffer through each day is in sight. To allow foolish, narrow-minded, self-righteous people stand in the way is cruel nonsense.