Sunday, January 30, 2005

Third Grade Humor

When it comes to humor, my appreciation level is somewhere between third and fourth grade. Yep, I admit it. My latest bathroom/frat-boy humor source is “Crank Yankers,” a show on Comedy Central in which puppet characters make phony phone calls. I wrote about my appreciation for this vulgar but hilarious show on my other blog. I am not the only one who likes this show, as it is among the most searched words on that site. The episode in which Wanda Sykes calls an auto mechanic complaining there is a turd in the back of her car, had me rolling on the floor. One I just watched (after a long, stressful weekend), was someone calling a rabbi for advice on how to convert.

Beyond “Yankers,’ I love most dumb Adam Sandler movies, with “Waterboy” my favorite. Ever time I think of Steve, the family pet mule, playing badminton, I laugh. You can toss in “Animal House” in this mix, and even though that movie is close to 30 years old, some of the scenes are classic.