Sunday, February 06, 2005

Next Year??

Looks like the dream of a Philadelphia Super Bowl will have to wait another year. My daughter and I are eating the victory cookie that my wife bought for us, anticipating an Iggles win. It’s a green-frosted cookie with “Eagles” written on it—sure is sweeter than the game results.

We got home in time for the beginning of the 4th quarter. The Eagles never gave up, and that alone has to make you proud. Better clock management sure would have helped, but the SB experience the Pats brought to the game is tough to beat. Maybe next year. My wife points out it's a two-for-three run for New England (Bosox and Pats win, Kerry loses).

Later, we’ll watch the commercials from the first three quarters. As a media guy, I am actually more interested in the commercials than the game highlights.

The Cavalia “horsecapades’ was as strange as expected. The part with the horses doing all sorts of moves and near-dance steps is quite cool; the part where a bunch of acrobats jump around the stage, fly from trapezes, etc... is lame. I told my wife and daughter that it reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where a bunch of acrobat-clowns climbed up on stage and stole Jerry’s Friars Club jacket. Actually, it was much funnier on TV.

I have to admit, as a fan of frat-boy, bathroom humor, my lasting memory of Cavalia will be the fact that one of the star horses “did his business” on stage. Not very often you get to see the star of the show use the stage as his personal toilet.