Saturday, February 05, 2005

SB39 and U2

Two big events this weekend: U2 and SB 39. In about 54 minutes, I will attempt to get tickets to see U2 here in Phoenix. Actually, Glendale, the home of the Phoenix Coyotes (who have not played there since last April due to the NHL strike). I rate my ticket chances at about 30 percent. I read they sold out in minutes in Dublin. That’s Ireland, not Ohio.

I will not be watching SB39 live. We have tickets to see Cavalia, a cool show I call “the horse-capades.” My wife, with wonderful intentions, did not know the date of SB39 when she purchased the tickets for Cavalia. I told her, after hearing that our show tickets coincides with the SB, announced that it guaranteed the Iggles would be in the game. She has offered to sell the tix, but my plan is to just record the game and watch it when we get home. The wrinkle comes in the fact that (for some strange reason) Cavalia is playing in a location adjacent to the FBR Open. Considering The Open will likely draw somewhere in the neighborhood of 170,000 people for the last day of the golf tourney, parking and traffic will be nightmarish. My hunch his we’ll get home in time for Monday’s “Today” show.

Go Eagles.