Thursday, October 21, 2004

Alternate Birthday Plans

Curses—our Fall League plans were washed away by a monster storm. It looked gray as we headed West on 101, but once the wind picked up, we knew it was time to head home and live to spectate another day.

Instead, we spent our lunch hour watching “Diary of A Political Tourist” which I recorded/taped/digitally captured from HBO. It’s the second such film from Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of Calif. Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi), the first being, “Travels with George” (about you know who).

This film (which we are half-way through), is a political junkie’s dream. Also, it’s shot on video, giving it a real in-your-face intimate quality. Filmmaker Pelosi is a graduate of USC’s film school. That’s the same school at which Mike and I (along with our boss) presented last week. To the best of my knowledge, Pelosi was not there—but the great Michael Mann (“Thief,” “Miami Vice”) was there and was brilliant.