Sunday, November 28, 2004

Another Turkey Day in the Books

My wife’s “Operation Thanksgiving” (AKA “Pimp My House”) is well in progress. We made two trips to Goodwill with many more to come. We also will be giving clothes away to a charity that distributes them directly to those in need. Also, we’ll be going over to Paradise Valley Mall in a few days to get some Christmas Angels. These are secret gifts given to poor boys and girls in Phoenix who otherwise would not get much in the way of Holiday gifts. We have done this many times, the first time being in 1992 right before we left to adopt our girl.

I watched my first NFL game this season from start to finish. I witnessed the Eagles mop up the field with the NY Giants. I thought it was cool when Donovan McNabb hugged Eli Manning at midfield after the game. McNabb is a classy guy and a true leader. I am hoping for a Pennsylvania Super Bowl—Eagles-Steelers.

I saw an ad for Gillette’s M3Power razor. Is it intentional to take advantage of the MP3 craze? I know the letters are not in the right order, but it sure looks like MP3 if you catch it in a hurry.

The rest of the holiday season is up in the air. For our December break (while daughter is away at camp), my wife and I might go to New York, Hawaii, Santa Fe, Seattle, San Francisco, out in an RV or just no where. The smart money is on nowhere.