Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Woodward Sans Bernstein

Fox still looks way too staid. No Bill O’Reilly so far; perhaps he’s out making obscene phone calls and buying falafels. Whomever is reading the results needs to look at the camera once in a while.

Kerry is winning in PA; need needs PA and Ohio and he’s in better shape.

Looks like Fox is featuring the commentators from the McLaughlin Group. They’re like professors who think they should be on TV. Some guy named Bill Kristol (who looks like Richard Dreyfuss) has a nasty smirk and thinks Ohio is a huge battleground (wow, great insight). He's an editor at The Weekly Standard.

Bob Woodward, who almost became my boss at The Everett Herald, is on screen now on CNN. With the Washington Post’s numbers falling, Woodward needs to hone his TV act. Larry asks Woodward what happens if the race goes beyond the first edition. Larry, you are lame, buddy. Still, CNN is tops so far