Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Ads

Here’s a quick look at Super Bowl 39 commercials. By and large, they were tame and not memorable… that is unless (like me) you miss M.C. Hammer. Hammer was in two ads (Ameriquest and Frito Lay)

**Olympus M:robe—Who cares about the commercial. I like the product!

**FedEx Kinkos—My favorite. I smile anytime Burt Reynolds gets kicked in the groin.

**GoDaddy—I swear the local paper said the ad was rejected by Fox. It aired nonetheless. It was as raunchy as the ads went this year. Had nothing to do with an Internet naming service. Stinko!

**Ameriquest—Best set of ads. “Life comes at you quickly.” The one with the guy holding the cat by the tail in a vat of tomato sauce was good.

**McDonalds—The Lincoln French fry was flat out bad.

**Napster—Did anyone other than the technocrats understand what Napster now is selling?

**Careerbuilder—Monkeys? Are you kidding me? I do like when they Xerox ® their butts.

**Anheuser-Busch—Clapping for U.S. service people in the airport. Nice touch in light of the generally horrible beer ads during the game.

**Pepsi—P Diddy arrives in a Pepsi truck. X-to-the-Z saved that spot from disaster

**Degree—Mamas Boy dolls. A bit overboard. Had nothing at all to do with the product.

**NFL Network—Maybe the very best ad. All the players who didn’t make the Super Bowl (Rothlisberger, etc...) singing “The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow.” Nice touch.

Notes: The beer commercials stunk. My wife liked the ones with the animals for Budweiser, but I didn’t get it. The Heineken ad with Brad Pitt was trite but very well produced.