Saturday, October 30, 2004

A Shabbat for John Kerry

Today, my wife and I will be part of Arizona’s Get out the Vote effort. We’re scheduled to call people today and tomorrow and tell them…. Well, I am not sure what we’ll be telling them? I read a piece in the WSJ this morning about people who say they’re sick and tired of being called. We have about seven Caller ID tags from the past week of people reminding us to vote (not to be cynical, but will my reminder actually push someone on the fence to vote?).

Working for the Kerry cause is a significant way to spend the Sabbath afternoon. Today is the 38th anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah and my wife and I did an Aliyah (blessing before the Torah) in honor of my father’s Yahrzeit (anniversary of death) which is Monday night. I am glad my wife joined me on the “bimah” (a synagogue’s stage) as my father loved her dearly.

If time permits, we’ll head over to a RV center and do more exploration. We actually went in a Class C model yesterday and it was way cool. I asked all sorts of really dumb questions, but the salesguy was a nice guy (with a really funky tattoo on his neck) and gave us good background info. We’re now committed to renting on in December while our daughter is at camp. We may go to Palm Springs as it’s a manageable 257-mile drive, most of which is flat. We even identified a nice campground that has Wi Fi access (oh, the blogging possibilities) We also got (and hooted at) a promotional CD-ROM from “Go Rv-ing,” a RV association. . We have the fever. We may wind up with a trip like an old Lucy & Ricky episode, but we’ll have a blast.