Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Life Imitates TV

I find it interesting how a former newspaper reporter (Matthews) has so much on-camera presence and poise. He’s just so far superior than his counterparts at on-the-spot interviewing and has so much in-depth knowledge, he puts he other plastic pundits to shame. He’s literally carrying MSNBC at this point.

Ron Silver is on MSNBC. Talk about life imitating art; Silver played Bruno Gianelli, a campaign strategist, on “West Wing” and now he thinks he’s an actual political commentator? Hello?

Bush is ahead in Ohio, and that’s not good for Kerry. Pat Buchanan is making way too much sense although he’s quite scary. Dee Dee Myers, Clinton’s press secretary, is now on (also a part of “West Wing”) says the next hour is crucial.

Brian Williams says Florida is too close to call. Again Florida is at the center of the election focus.