Wednesday, November 03, 2004

This (Former) TV Critic Says:

Media wrap-up:

CNN wins big last night. Skillful use of Wolf Blitzer as emcee working with two great analysts—Jeff Greenfield and Carlos Watson. Larry King was funny, but not in an intentional way. He’s recouping at Duke Zeibert’s.

Fox is just right of Curtis (Bombs Away) LeMay. Way too pedantic without any modern pizzazz. Needed O’Reilly’s snappy repartee, even if it resembled an obscene phone call.

MSNBC is close to being damn good. Chris Matthews is unparalleled in his ability to deliver insights in near real time. That supersized noggin-owning Scarborough character (“Heed… move,” says Mike Myers in “Axe Murderer”) is a clown and loves the sound of his own voice. Matthews needs a professional broadcaster by his side who can allow Matthews to be the ultimate color analyst. I look to sports for an example of on air yin and yang—the broadcast teams of Joe Morgan and Jon Miller on ESPN or for SF Giants fans, Duane Kiper and Mike Krokow.

I only glimpsed at the Networks. Nothing too major there.

Webwise, it was Yahoo! and everyone else. Yahoo! is a media company while the others are breathing Terry and Jerry’s fumes.